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I’m Michel Stassart living in Hasselt, Belgium and working as professional model builder since 1990.

I originally started to build customized model cars, mainly Ferrari, for different customers, one of whom was the famous Jacques Swaters, Ferrari importer in Belgium and owner of the famous “Ecurie Francorchamps”.
Through time I became well acquainted with some international collectors. The requests for building scale models became not only more frequent, but also more complex, ending in creating models, at various scales, starting from
very modified existing basis and ending in creating models,

My hobby and passion became a truly professional engagement when at the request of the owner of a 333SP Ferrari, I undertook the creation of a scale model at 1/8 scale model of the car, starting from scratch using blueprints,
diagrams and many self-taken pictures. All the parts of this model car were developed and constructed at home. My concern was to be meticulously accurate to come as close to reality as possible, so that pictures of the model
could let you think they are of the actual car, even in the smallest details. All this fine tuning on details is time consuming in research, development and manufacturing. The Ferrari 333SP had a wide variety of liveries, so I went on
building and decorating 333SP models to the specifications of the car of many satisfied owners.

Many of my customers being collectors of mythical Le Mans racing cars, I started designing and building a 1/8 th scale model of the famous Cobra Daytona Coupe that made history at Le Mans, once again starting from  scratch.
It is only by rigorously respecting the dimensions of each single piece that such a complex model car can be assembled. Who else could have given a more appropriate comment than Peter Brock (the original designer):

Hello Michael, No one has done as meticulous a model of the Daytona as you have done. Needless to say, I was incredibly impressed! I do wish, however, that you had contacted me prior to starting on this model. I’d have sent you my drawings to copy. This has no reflection on the really fine work which you have done

In other words; “Michel’s work, on the Ferrari 333SP, Cobra Daytona Coupe, Corvette Grand Sport and many more, is all encompassing in its detail, with every section of the model being treated as individual components and then built to that high standard. On top of that the finish of the model with professional paint and clear coating looks great. This comes with various liveries to suit the wishes of the buyer”. (a satisfied collector)

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